Aging Mind FoundationDr. Victor Villemagne, MD, a Professor of Psychiatry and Co-Leader of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center’s Neuroimaging Core has been awarded the prestigious 2022 Aging Mind Foundation Award for his project titled “In vivo assessment of neuroimmune response to AD pathology and neurodegeneration.” This work will be the first ever to combine imaging and blood biomarkers of reactive astrogliosis, Alzheimer’s disease pathology, cerebrovascular disease, and neurodegeneration to examine their relationship with cognitive performance. The findings can prove potentially groundbreaking to the design of future preventive strategies for Alzheimer’s disease. The highly competitive Aging Mind Foundation grant is awarded to only one project annually. Dr. Villemagne is one of the most widely recognized experts in Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in the world, currently ranked by the Web of Science in the top 1% globally among neuroscience researchers.

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