We asked ADRC participants about their experience at the University of Pittsburgh Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.  Note that some individuals preferred we share their story using a different name or photo.



I was looking to find out all I could about dementia, to understand what my dad was going through. I wanted to find out whether he had Alzheimer ‘s or another kind of dementia.”

participating since 2014

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Talking to somebody about joining a study, they might think, ‘Hey, I don’t have Alzheimer’s,’ but the study doesn’t require that you do.”

participating since 2017

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Sylvia & Norma

The value of research is to better lives and to better the situation and condition of living for everyone.”

participating since 2013

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There is more help for people with Alzheimer’s now than when my grandmother had it. I want to learn more about the disease and figure out if I’m going to get it.

participating since 2009

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Carl & Vera

The Center not only helped me figure out how to be a support system to my wife, but they have taught me how to deal with the changes that I see happening with her.

participating since 2012

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