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  • Increased Funding Enables ADRC to Explore New Directions

  • Blood Test Breakthrough Offers Potential New Option for Diagnosing AD
  • A Personal Story about Brain Donation
  • James T. Becker, PhD, Retires
  • A New Resource for AD Education and Support
  • Next Steps After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Winter 2020

Increased Funding Enables ADRC to Explore New Directions

Connecting with Loved Ones When Visitation Is Restricted

Message from the ADRC Director

A Tribute to Daniel I. Kaufer, MD

Rummaging and Hiding Behavior in Alzheimer’s

Summer 2020

ADRC Research Participants Honored at Appreciation Event

UPMC Senior Services Honors ADRC Researchers

ADRC Investigator Receives Funding for New Brain Imaging Study

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research: Five Things We Learned in 2019

Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s Establishes Chapter at Pitt

Summer 2019

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle Helps to Reduce the Risk of Dementia

What Is Neuropsychological Testing?

Participants with Mild Cognitive Impairment Needed: FORAging Study

Outreach Happenings

Food For Thought

Winter 2019

New Clinical Trial is Recruiting Participants

ADRC Welcomes New Codirector Julia Kofler, MD

What You Should Know About Brain Imaging

Food For Thought

Summer 2018

Bridging a Gap in Dementia Research

All of Us Pennsylvania

20 Things I Would Want If I Got Dementia

Making Yourself a Priority: Tips for Caregivers’ Self-Care

Winter 2017-18

Working to Improve Health Disparities

New Research Study: LATTICE

Ten Ways to Love Your Brain

UPMC Senior Services Honors ADRC Physician

Summer 2017

Food for Thought

Outreach Happenings

Ask the Medical Professional

Quality Time with a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease

Winter 2017

Cope with Hallucinations and Delusions

Outreach Happenings

Saxton Honored

Ask the Medical Professional

Summer 2016

Pilot Research Grant

The Geriatrics Workforce

CTE: A Summary

Presidential Early Career Award

Winter 2016

New Community Education Initiative

Collaborative AD Study

Gift Benefits Center

Welcome, Heart SCORE Volunteers!

Spring / Summer 2015

A4 Study Seeks to Enroll 1,000 Adults

What Is Informed Consent?

ADRC Turns 30

Outreach Happenings

Fall / Winter 2014

Director’s Message

Why Are Placebos Important in Clinical Trials?

Staying Safe When Wandering Occurs

ADRC Walk to End AD

Spring / Summer 2014

Message from the Director

Tips for Traveling with a Person with Dementia

Physician Orders for Life-sustaining Treatment

Is Alzheimer’s Disease Inherited?

Fall / Winter 2013

Director’s Message

What Are Clinical Trials?

Brain Donation Program

Outreach Happenings

Spring / Summer 2013

Message from the Director

Can I Improve My Memory?

Lewy Body Dementia Explained

Fall / Winter 2012

Message from the Director

Tips to Keep Your Holiday Stress Level Low

Care Options for Alzheimer’s Disease

Fall / Winter 2011

Message from the Director

An Introduction to Frontotemporal Degeneration

How Does My Memory Work?

Spring / Summer 2011

Message from the Director

How Does My Memory Work?

Mild Cognitive Impairment

Fall / Winter 2010

Breakthrough Ride Hits Goal of 100,000 Signatures

Exercise Helps Your Brain Work Faster

Snitz Receives K-23 Research Career Development Award

Spring / Summer 2010

NIA Funding Renewal Period Under Way

Recovery Funds Advance Alzheimer’s Research

Staying Safe: Tips for Travel

Fall 2009

The Alzheimer’s Project Preview

Pitt Medical Student Receives AAN Award

New Study of Brain Aging to Begin

Spring 2009

Oscar Lopez and William Klunk Assume Leadership

The Role of the Social Worker

Volunteers Needed for Research

Spring 2008

Director Accepts New Position

Planning Ahead: Basic Legal Matters

Pitt Researchers Present Work at ICAD 2008

Fall 2007

Caregivers: The Forgotten Patients

Patient Assistance Programs for Medications

Dr. Sweet to Study Behavioral Symptoms in AD

Spring 2007

Computer Test to Assess Cognition

ADRC Autopsy Program

Memory Walk Update

Fall 2006

Pittsburgh Compound B

ADRC Celebrates 20 years of Research

Lumbar Punctures Becoming More Widely Used