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Monographs and Book Chapters

Lopez OL, Becker JT: Extrapyradmidal Signs in Patients With Alzheimer's Disease. In: Vellas B and Fitten LJ (eds.) Research and Practice in Alzheimer's Disease. Serdi Publishers, France. pp. 206-211, 1999.

Selected Abstracts

Aizenstein HJ, MacDonald AW, Stenger VA, Larson JK, Ursu S, Nebes RD, Carter CS: Complementary Category Learning Systems Identified Using Event-Related FMRI. Society for Neuroscience (25):2068, 1999.

Nightingale M, Portis S, Woods A: Alzheimer's Disease: A Collaborative Model for Outreach Education and Service Delivery in an Underserved Elder Population. The Gerontologist 39 (Special Issue1) October 1999:441 (Abstract).