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Fall/Winter 2014
  • Director's Message
  • Why Are Placebos Important in Clinical Trials?
  • Staying Safe When Wandering Occurs
  • ADRC Walk to End AD

Spring/Summer 2014
  • Message from the Director
  • Tips for Traveling with a Person with Dementia
  • Physician Orders for Life-sustaining Treatment (POLST)

Fall/Winter 2013
  • Director’s Message
  • What Are Clinical Trials?
  • Brain Donation Program
  • Outreach Happenings

Spring/Summer 2013
  • Message from the Director
  • Can I Improve My Memory?
  • Lewy Body Dementia Explained

Fall/Winter 2012
  • Message from the Director
  • Tips to Keep Your Holiday Stress Level Low
  • Navigating Care Options for Alzheimer’s Disease

Spring/Summer 2012
  • Director’s Message
  • Why Does Memory Get Worse with Age?
  • Outreach Happenings

Fall/Winter 2011
  • Message from the Director
  • An Introduction to Frontotemporal Degeneration
  • How Does My Memory Work?

Spring/Summer 2011
  • Message from the Director
  • How Does My Memory Work?
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's Disease, and the New Diagnostic Criteria

Fall/Winter 2010
  • Breakthrough Ride Hits Goal of 100,000 Signatures in Pittsburgh
  • Exercise Helps Your Brain Work Faster
  • Snitz Receives K-23 Research Career Development Award

Spring/Summer 2010
  • NIA Funding Renewal Period Under Way
  • Recovery Funds Advance Alzheimer’s Disease Research
  • Staying Safe: Tips for Travel

Fall 2009 Newsletter
  • The Alzheimer’s Project Preview
  • Pitt Medical Student Receives AAN Award
  • New Study of Brain Aging to Begin

Spring 2009 Newsletter
  • Oscar Lopez and William Klunk Assume Leadership of ADRC
  • The Role of the Social Worker
  • Volunteers Needed for Research

Fall 2008 Newsletter
  • Director Accepts New Position, Bids Farewell to Pittsburgh ADRC
  • Planning Ahead: Basic Legal Matters
  • Pitt Researchers Present Work at ICAD 2008

Spring 2008 Newsletter
  • Dr. Klunk & Dr. Mathis win prestigious award
  • Volunteers needed for clinical trials
  • “Ask the Medical Professional”

  • Caregivers: The Forgotten Patients
  • Patient Assistance Programs for Prescription Medications
  • Dr. Sweet to Study Behavioral Symptoms in AD

Spring 2007 Newsletter
  • Computer test to assess cognition
  • ADRC Autopsy program
  • Memory Walk update

Fall 2006 Newsletter
  • Pittsburgh Compound B
  • ADRC Celebrates 20 years of Research
  • Lumbar Punctures becoming more widely used