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Call for Proposals

Research Projects for the Competing Renewal due June, 2014

The competing renewal for the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) will be due at NIA in June 2014. We anticipate that the instructions for our renewal will be similar to those used in the competitive renewals for the Centers renewing this year (2013). NIA has specified that all center renewals include two to three research proposals for the five years of the renewal. Preliminary budgets can be in the $125,000 to $150,000 range. Subsequent year direct costs can include a 3% per year increase.

Projects should be similar to small R01 grants or subprojects of program project grants. At least one of the proposals must utilize patients or patient samples from the ADRC Clinical Core or neuropathology resources, but dementia-related basic science studies are encouraged as well. In keeping with the mission of training and encouraging new researchers in the field of AD, at least one of the projects must be lead by a junior investigator who has not yet had NIH R01 grant support. Thus, projects from junior investigators have a higher probability of being included in our ADRC competitive renewal submission.

According to the current RFA, the principal aim of the ADRCs should be to enhance the performance of innovative research on AD and related topics, including research that may lead to potential disease-modifying therapy or behavioral or other symptom treatments. Centers are requested to concentrate their attention on better defining normal aging and the transition from normal aging to mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to the earliest stages of dementia, whether AD itself or other related dementias associated with aging. Centers should incorporate contemporary biochemical/molecular techniques and pursue research, when feasible, in genomics, epigenomics, proteomics and metabolomics. The central focus of projects may be translational research, clinical – pathological research, basic research or a combination.

The ADRC, therefore, requests proposals of 1-2 pages from the research community that would include a brief statement of the purpose and underlying rationale, specific aims and hypotheses, and a summary of preliminary data that would strengthen the proposal. If applicable, indicate how the proposal would utilize the clinical resources of the Center. Attach a list of potential Co-Principal Investigators or Co-Investigators. The ADRC Executive Committee, in consultation with the ADRC Internal and External Advisory Committees, will select proposals for inclusion in the ADRC submission. For any proposal not selected for inclusion in the ADRC renewal, the ADRC faculty and staff will work with the principal investigator to develop a proposal for appropriate funding utilizing the ADRC for resources, as an R01 or other appropriate funding modality.

The 1-2 page proposals should be submitted on paper or electronically to ADRC Administrator, Leslie Dunn, at by September 20, 2013. Notification of proposals accepted for submission will be done by end of November, 2013. Please contact Leslie Dunn or ADRC Director, Dr. Oscar Lopez ( or ADRC Co-Director, Dr. Willam Klunk, ( with questions or further information.

Research Projects for the Competing Renewal due June, 2014 (PDF) »